Managed Funds

Managed funds - also known as unit trusts - are vehicles that allow you to pool your money with a number of other investors into a single fund that is then able to invest in assets that might otherwise be out of your reach. Managed funds are what they say - funds managed for you by others - namely, investment professionals such as fund managers. Managed funds can invest in a variety of assets including shares, property and fixed interest or a combination of these.

The attraction of managed funds is the diversification they offer. If you wanted to invest in shares but only had $1,000, realistically you could only invest in one company. If the company performs badly, you could lose your money. But if you invest that money in a managed fund, depending on the fund's profile, you may have an interest in 10, 20 or even 50 Australian or international companies. The same applies to property trusts. You may want an exposure to property in your portfolio but cannot afford to buy a house. If you invest in a property trust, depending on the sector it invests in, you can have exposure to major shopping centres, CBD office blocks, or a leisure resort.

Investing in a managed fund also gives you the benefit of a professional fund manager. Fund managers have access to much more research than the average investor and presumably a better knowledge of investment markets. Of course, you won't necessarily have the control to choose the individual investments made by the fund manager, but with thousands of managed funds now on the market, you'll certainly be able to choose a fund that reflects your risk profile and closely mirrors the choices you might yourself have made.

If you decide to invest in managed funds using a regular savings plan, because you are contributing a set amount each month, managed funds are also a simple and convenient savings vehicle.

There are managed funds for virtually every investment objective.

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